Chartered Physiotherapist in Veterinary Practice (CPVP)

Emma Moran

Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist



Emma is a Chartered Physiotherapist and a member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP). She has completed the Chartered Physiotherapists in Veterinary Practice (CPVP) Training Programme in Ireland in 2010 and now also works treating animals. She has treated a variety of animals but has a particular interest in horse, dogs and cats.

Emma works in private practice in Dublin and also as a veterinary physiotherapist treating mostly horses and dogs. She travels around the country to treat animals and also does rider assessment and treatment if required as often both the horse and rider are affected.

Spine SF stretch to hip

Emma has been involved with horses and dogs for most of her life. She has a degree in Zoology from Trinity College and specialised in animal behaviour. Following that she went on to study physiotherapy and is able to combine her previous knowledge into her work with animals. 

She is the Chairperson for the Chartered Physiotherapists in Veterinary Practice in Ireland. Chartered Physiotherapists are physiotherapists that have a certified level of academic training and are thereby qualified and registered to practice.


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